Antoni's Restaurant-Diner & Lounge

"Tasting is Believing"
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10765 SW Canyon Rd

Beaverton, Oregon 97005

Open Daily at 7am


Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


Saturday and Sunday

8am to Midnight

Monday through Friday

10am to Midnight

Antoni's Restaurant-Diner

A family owned and operated American Diner with a Mediterranean Flair that serves the best Gyros in Town!!


We are open for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.


Executive chef, Denny Tzakis, is a native of Greece who moved to Oregon in 1989.  Denny started his career in the restaurant industry as a busboy in Greece while attending high school. After serving in the military he came to American some 44 years ago to help with his brother's restaurant in Chicago.  The pair opened another Chicago restaurant in 1969. 

Denny left Chicago in 1975 and returned to his native country where he opened three restaurants and a hotel.  He returned to the U.S. in 1979 and he and his brother opened a number of successful Greek and American restaurants in Utah during the 1980s. 

In 1989 Denny and his wife, Helen, moved to Portland, Helen was born and raised in Portland and the couple wanted their children to grow up with their grand-parents close by, so he and his wife opened a restaurant in Cedar Mill, "Touch of Athens", which they ran for 21 years.  While running "Touch of Athens" he opened two more restaurants. The Clubhouse at the "Rock Creek Country Club" in NW Portland, and in downtown Portland he opened  "Santorini" on 1st & Main, both of which he had for 5 years. 

After by-pass surgery it was time to cut back down to one location.  He kept the Cedar Mill location since "Walmart" was slated to go in.  After "Walmart" pulled out he felt it was time to find a better location.

His sons, Anthony (Andoni) and Napoleon Tzakis who grew up in the restaurant business felt it was time for them to start and follow in the family business. Thus "Antoni's" was formed.

The menu still has all of your favorite dishes.

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